Ordering Tips – Lining Curtains


  • Heading style:
    Ripplefold and wave curtains – customer to provide heading tape.
  • Hook type:
    Pinch pleat, pleat, inverted, cartridge pleat, goblet pleat and flat panel curtains – 2074 hooks will be provided, if hook type is not specified
    Scandi curtains – pin hooks will be provided, if hook type is not specified. Pin hooks will be placed 5mm from curtain top edge, unless otherwise specified.


  • Window name:
    Please provide location of window to assist with queries, package labeling and installation.
  • No. of individual curtains:
    If centre opening curtains, specify 2 individual curtains (or a multiple of 2 if ordering for multiple windows of same size).
  • Fabric drops or metreage:
    Please specify for each individual curtain either:
    (i) number of drops of fabric used per curtain (specify as a whole number or decimal) or
    (ii) metreage per curtain, if using wide width fabric run continuously/railroaded (specify in mm).
    Please consider the curtain fullness required.
  • How measure width?:
    HEADED WIDTH PER CURTAIN – The finished width of each curtain, from left side edge to right side edge, when curtain is ready to hang. Includes any gathering or pleating, curtain overlap, returns and creepage if applicable to your chosen curtain heading style.
    TRACK/ROD WIDTH – The width of your straight or bent track or rod. Excludes overlap, returns and finials. Use when ordering ripplefold, wave, relaxed fold, flat panel, scandi, eyelet rod pocket and tab top curtains.
  • Finished drop/length:
    The measurement from the top edge to base/bottom edge of the completed/finished curtain.
    Any floor clearances or pooling/puddling must be considered and included in the drop/length provided.
  • Overlap:
    If providing TRACK/ROD WIDTH measurements and ordering cord drawn, centre opening curtains, please specify if curtain overlap is required.
    Not applicable if ripplefold or wave curtains ordered.
  • Returns:
    If providing TRACK/ROD WIDTH measurements, please specify returns size (mm) if returns are required.
    If returns not required, please specify 0.
    Pencil, pinch or gathered curtains – BQ recommends returns are 100mm per side for single track/rod or 150mm per side for double tracks/rods.
    Ripplefold and wave curtains – returns not required unless special brackets ordered.
    Eyelet curtains – returns not applicable.